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About Aircrew Life Support (AFSC: 122X0 and 1T1X1)


* The information above and below are from an AFSC no longer awarded.


The new AFSC is now 1P0X1 and the career field is totally different than before.




AFSC: 122X0/1T1X1

Information from:

Life support , or aircrew life support, in aviation, is the field centered on, and related technologies used in, ensuring the safety of aircrew, particularly military aviation . This includes safety equipment capable of helping them survive in the case of a crash, accident, or malfunction. Life support functions and technology are also prominent in the field of human space flight and astronautics .


The life support field includes the personnel and organizations dedicated to providing and maintaining this equipment. Such technologies include parachutes, emergency radios, weapons, and other equipment, as well as the suits worn by aircrew which carry them. Aircrew life support systems personnel are typically responsible for the maintenance of such equipment.


Common abbreviation among aircrew was “P.E.” short for personal equipment. The common acronym among life supporters is “ALS” short for aircrew life support.


ALS specialists also conducted survival continuation training including: parachute “Hanging Harness,” water survival, land survival, aircraft egress and ejection training, escape and evasion, and rescue training.


As of Fiscal year 2008, Aircrew Life Support and Survival career fields have combined to become Aircrew Flight Equipment or AFE for short.


Historic Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) 922X0 122X0 1T1X1


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Air crew life support

Life Support

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