How to Wrap Emergency Bandages


How to Wrap Emergency Bandages and Splints


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Bandages and wraps are easy to make and use. You Can use any clean material, so take a look at the illustration above. Use tee-shirt, blouse, or any other material you may have on hand. I suggest you carry a few large bandanas or bandages in your first aide kit for use.

Wraps are important when you want to immobilize a wound or injury to prevent additional injury. Broken bones, especially open fractures should always be wrapped to prevent additional trauma. I suggest you attempt to tie these and use these before you need them in the field.

A splint, used with broken bones, can be made from just about anything that is rigid in the area. I've seen fingers splinted with pencils and pens, sticks, and broken legs splinted with baseball bats, tree limbs, and even a telephone books.

I also suggest you attend a first aid class, become instructor certified is possible, but at least learn enough information that you're comfortable treating most common injuries. Nothing scares a patient more than having a person giving them first aid and reading a first aid book at the same time. Learn before you need to apply your skills.



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