Where to Fish on a Stream


Find Fish in Streams


By Gary Benton

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1. Overhanging brush is a good spot to fish, because during hot weather fish will be in the shade. Fish like cool and dark shady spots to rest, so try your luck there. Often they wait in the shade and eat whatever floats by them.

2. Undercuts provide shelter for fish and often sources of food are moved through the undercut by the current, which makes feeing easier for the fish. Fish, like people, are somewhat lazy during certain parts of the day.

3. Deep pools are great spots to find fish, as they often feed on the bottom. The current of the stream or river will often bring many varieties of foods to pools and fish know this. It's rare not to find fish in deep pools of water.

4. A feeder stream is a smaller stream feeding into your stream or river and they deliver many sources of food for fish. Place you bait right where the two streams come together, if possible or off to the side a little.

5. Look for a fairly large rock in the center or near the center of the stream or river. Fish will often be there, waiting to grab what food they see float by them. They'll usually hit hard and fast, so the current doesn't move the food away from them.

6. Fallen trees or logs in the water are excellent places to fish, as fish gather under the shade offered by the log or tree.

During spring or summer months you can knock down grasshoppers or other insects to use as bait. The easiest way to knock them down is by using a tee-shirt. worms can often be found simply by digging into the soil, or kicking apart old logs that are dry. If it's winter, try using organ meat cut small from any animals you may have killed or by using bring cloth or aluminum foil as a bait.


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Gary Benton has over 45 years of outdoor experience in camping, hiking, fishing, and other activities. He's no armchair survival man, he's walked the walk from the arctic to the desert and all the area in between. Gary has an associates degree in Search and Rescue, Survival Operations, a B.S. in Industrial Occupational safety, and all but his thesis completed for a M.S. in Counseling Psychology.
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