How to Place Snares on Game Trails


Where to Place Simple Snares on Game Trails

By Gary Benton



1. You need a log base that is heavy enough a small animal like a raccoon, opossum, rabbit or squirrel cannot drag it away. Using a fallen log is a great idea. Or, it can be secured to a tree trunk or large sapling. The snare can be made of what you have on hand, but wire is the best and easiest to use. I've used the cord inside of paracord, fishing line, twine, or vines. Vines generally work poorly and use them only when you have no choice.


Arrow points to the snare, which can be made of wire, rope, or vine snare to catch the animal by the neck.


2. Log overhead to secure the snare to.


3. Position it all on a game trail, which is indicated by animal tracks. Look for heavy traveled paths which are easy to see in the grasses. It'll look like a small hiking trail. Look at the tracks and see if you can determine what kind of animals are using the trail. Most of the time it will be rabbits but you can also eat raccoon, opossum, or other small game. Remember, the animal may not be dead when you check the snare so be prepared to kill it to survive. Try to kill the animal quickly, to avoid it suffering, and once you start to kill it, finish the job. If you stop, the animal may not survive anyway, depending how much damage you've done. All animals with cry out at times when being killed, so if you've never killed an animal before, be mentally prepared for the sound. It may bother you and it will most people.


Simple Snares




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