How to Set Animal Snares


How to Set Snares for Small Game

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Catching an animal in a snare may see cruel to some of you, but this is taught only to help you survive until you are rescued. Meat should be an important part of any survival diet and snares will help you put meat in your stomach.


Simple snare can be made as shown in the illustration above. Note how the trigger is made to rest against the support in the ground. When the animals head enters the noose, the trigger is pulled away from the rest and it usually flips up or the animal strangles.



Place a flip up snare in the middle of a rabbit run (trail) or along the sides of a water source. This type of snare may freeze in place during severe cold weather making it useless for cold weather conditions in most cases. You will need a lot of snares if you hope to snare supper with any type of snare.



Fix the snare so the animal has no choice but to enter the snare. Block most other routes and in many cases the animal will enter the snare. The type of snare shown above is simple, does little but retain the animal. It does not flip up but holds the animal in place. In most cases the animal will straggle as it struggles to get free.




Set Snares

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