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Disasters Happen Here Too…And Why You Need a Water Purifier


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I sit staring out my window at another beautiful day. The sun is shining as springtime finally approaches and there is a promise of good times playing in the warm weather ahead. I can hardly wait to take my boys out hiking and shooting in the mountains less than a mile from our home.


The rooftops in my neighborhood are shedding what's left of the snow and there is a general feeling of calm and well-being in our cozy little corner of the USA . That description might also describe your current situation; I sure hope so. Life is good, friendly neighbors surround us, and the bounty of a great country founded on the God-given rights of freedom, as well as expectations of personal responsibility.


The tranquil, almost idyllic scene I just described tends to be the norm in “Anytown, USA,” meaning we have much to be grateful for - to say the least!


It only takes a single unexpected and unplanned event to disrupt the peaceful and perhaps complacent lifestyle so many of us enjoy. An earthquake, flood, fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. can change life as we know it in a few short seconds.


Less obvious events like a labor strike, another manufacturing company relocating overseas and displacing it's workforce, a rail-way accident or impassable roads, etc. can be just as devastating. Any of these events (natural or societal,) can have an immediate impact on our ability to have all the food, water, and shelter we need for basic survival.


We, in our state of relative comfort, tend to think that disasters happen in other places…not here. All we have to do is watch the nightly news and mourn for those in far away places (like some other state,) and hope they survive the disaster. Thank goodness nothing like that ever happens around here. Although we genuinely feel for the people struggling to survive during disasters, we privately think “it couldn't happen to us…not here.”


Well, personal and natural disasters are as much a part of life as death and taxes; it's just a matter of time and to what degree they have an impact on your lives. This causes the wise to take pause and consider their preparedness for such emergencies.


What do you really need to survive? Well, not much really, but the few things we do need are absolutely essential. Yeah, we're talking about Air, Water, Food, and Shelter (protection from the elements.) Surviving on this level, with only the absolute essentials, is not something most of us have ever had to do and thank goodness for that!


Its one thing to challenge yourself with a survival training course, but it's quite something else to have your peaceful home-life suddenly turn into a survival situation. That will seem far-fetched to some, as it's so easy to believe our calm neighborhoods will remain this way since they have always been.


Consider the years you drove down the road, perhaps speeding a little here and there and never really thinking much about the speed limit or the long arm of the law. Ah, the good ol' days! Then, out of the blue, you get a speeding ticket and the life of leisurely driving you have always known comes to a screeching halt. You will most likely spend the next weeks, months, or even years reflecting on this one event, and it is very likely you will watch your speed a bit closer and keep an anxious eye out for lurking police officers. It's simply human nature and a learning experience.


When a disaster strikes it's not as simple as a “slap on the wrist” or a small fine. Life quickly slips into “survival mode” and the degree to which you are prepared for this sudden transition, and your ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions, can make the difference between comfort or discomfort, or even life and death.


We all know we should have a few things put away for emergencies. A 72 hour kit, some cash, food, water, ammo, first aid, toiletries, etc. Do you have these items? If not, they are easy to gather and can literally save your life when disaster strikes.


One solid earthquake in my area and our local water supply would be down for days or perhaps weeks. We have a river nearby, but wouldn't really want to drink from it without first purifying the water. Boiling it takes too long and consumes fuel, which may also be limited or unavailable. Frankly, I don't like drinking “boiled bugs” and feces much more than drinking “un-boiled bugs” and feces. The best answer is having a water purification system capable of giving you pure water no matter the situation.


In most cases, you can go minutes without air, a few days without water, and weeks without food. Water is second only to air and physical protection from dangerous weather or other life-threatening conditions.


A few times over the years city officials have contacted us and told us to “Boil Your Water!” until a certain date. It seems an animal somehow got into our city's water supply and died and another time pipes were replaced that allowed for some contamination to enter the system. I'm glad they let us know, but it also brought home the fact that even the best water supplies can become compromised.


With an abundant supply of dried goods and other items in our basement, we have what we need in the event of an emergency. Even with three 55-gallon barrels of water at the ready, we'll need a lot more water if basic services were cut-off or compromised. Thus, a water purification system is a critical part of our emergency preparedness plan. It is especially important that your water purification system not rely on pressurized water from the city or a well, as they may not be available.


The bottom line is this; prepare what you can for the unplanned and unexpected disasters that will almost certainly come, or make sure you have markers and cardboard for your “Help Me!” sign that can be seen from your rooftop as we saw during hurricane Katrina.


All the Best,





Bill Hanover is a Lean Manufacturing Consultant and Emergency Preparedness Enthusiast. He is a dealer for the Berkey line of Water Purification Systems,http://berkeywaterfilterfolks.com/ . Bill will show you how to make your own water purifier capable of purifying thousands of gallons of raw water inexpensively and without buying one of his systems.


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