Veterans Deserve Our Support



Veterans Deserve Our Support

by Bob Parsons entrepreneur

The men and women who serve in the United States Military do a great service for every citizen. People like Bob Parsons entrepreneur understand when veterans return to civilian life, they deserve all the help we can give. There are many ways to give back to veterans including supporting institutions and organizations that offer services to them, but there are also small ways individuals can express their appreciation that mean a lot to those who served.

What Can the Individual Do?

• Some disabled veterans need constant medical attention. They have to visit a clinic or hospital regularly. If it is difficult or impossible for them to travel to their appointments on their own, you can offer a ride. Not only will they appreciate the free ride, they will appreciate your company and consideration.

• You may get frequent flyer miles when you use certain credit cards, make certain purchases or fly often. You can donate those miles to an organization that works to help families stay close together while a veteran parent or child is undergoing treatment.

• If you still sent holiday cards, you'll be buying them in bulk. You can make it a point to buy veteran-friendly holiday cards, the proceeds from which will be donated to several different veteran programs such as dog training programs for companion dogs for veterans or for treatment for post-tramatic stress disorder.

• Severely injured veterans often need a place to live that is especially built to accommodate their physical disabilities. There are programs that build these especially equipped homes, so the veterans can live independently. They are given to the severely disabled veteran at no cost. You can organize a local fundraiser to help support these programs.

• You can send a package of goodies or a letter to a member of the military. You provide the package and the letter of gratitude, and they will be sent to veterans, wounded warriors and current military members.

• Help a World War II veteran visit the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington. You can volunteer to escort a man or woman on a flight. There are also programs to help Korean and Vietnam War veterans visit their memorials too.

• You can sit down with any war veteran and listen to his or her war stories. These stories are being collected by the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.

• Whenever and wherever you see a soldier, take a minute to thank him or her for their service. After all, their lives are at stake when they go to war to protect your freedoms and family, and a small expression of gratitude from you may make their day.

If you're not able to personally help a veteran, you may be able to support one of the many organizations the do support veterans. One is Disabled American Veterans. It receives no government funding and helps wounded veterans and their families with disability assistance, job programs and their VA pensions.

Veterans Day is a day to fully give respect and gratitude to the men and women who serve in the United States Military and who put their lives on the line. Those of us who enjoy our lives partly because soldiers are willing to serve, can offer appreciation and more, so their lives can be happy when they come home.


Veterans Deserve Our Support
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