Quick Knot Tying


Quick and Dirty Knot Tying

by Craig Caudill


Knowing how to make a sturdy knot could save your life one day. Survival training includes knowing what kind of knot and how to make it in a given situation. There are a numerous ways to tie a knot in a rope or other cordage.

There are a few basic knots every person who is hoping to survive in an emergency should know. One basic knot that is helpful to know is the timber hitch. This particular knot is useful when you need to tie off to a tree or other standing object. There is a trick to the timber hitch--if you pull it the wrong way, you will end up untying the knot you just put in it. In the video, a demonstration of how to properly tie the rope will show you how to avoid that mistake. A key benefit to this particular knot is the ease with which it is untied.


Knot Tying

Another option you can use if you need to tie off to a tree is the two half-hitch method. Again, this is an ideal knot because not only is it sturdy, but can be untied rather quickly. That is an important detail in knot-tying, especially when you are dealing with a limited amount of rope. Please check out the video to get a good understanding of how to make this fairly simple knot.


Knot Tying

Lastly, the clove hitch will come in handy if you are in a situation where you need to trap an animal or create some kind of trigger. Each of these knots are very useful, but they are not exactly easy to explain with words alone. Watch the video to get a real sense of what you need to be doing. And, like with any other skill you are learning, don't forget to practice often. If and when the need arises, you don't want to be stuck second-guessing yourself and your knot-tying abilities.


Knot Tying

When Craig Caudill is not tied up in knots he may be found contributing to wwwdansdepot or teaching at the Nature Reliance School .


knot tying

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