Building Your Knife and Sword Collection


Building Your Knife and Sword Collection


Collecting weapons is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Butterfly knives and ninja swords are just a sample of items you can love to display and show off to friends and family. However, this hobby can be expensive, so it's important to keep a few tips in mind.

Concentrate on a Style

You might want to collect almost every knife or sword available through retailers, but this concept is far too expensive. Think about your favorite genre or style, such as Asian-inspired weaponry. Concentrate your collecting efforts on this genre alone. A true collector wants to celebrate a certain idea or product line. By diversifying too much, a collection simply becomes a clutter of items without any logic behind their purchase.

Add Inexpensive Accessories

Collecting weaponry isn't all about the metal pieces. If your budget is low, try adding a few inexpensive accessories to your collection. Gloves, masks and sheaths are all companion items to daggers, knives and swords. When you add these accessories, they enhance the swords' story, for instance. Your collection should encompass all aspects of a particular sword or weaponry selection. It sparks conversation and creates a more valuable collection when one weapon has a handful of accessories supporting its significance.

Display it Right

You might want to hold the sword and swing it around when you desire, but keep it displayed for the majority of time. Add a cabinet built specifically for swords or hang one valued weapon on the wall. If you have a particularly valuable item, definitely display it in a case. You want to avoid any dust or grime settling on the sword. A dull blade only reduces its value over time.

Watch for Sales

When you're passionate about collecting, it's difficult to control your purchasing impulses. Be a savvy consumer and wait for sales, however. Retailers often want to reduce their inventory levels, giving them reason to slash huge percentages off retail price. Use these sales to stock up on coveted items that were otherwise too expensive. You could also make a good connection with the seller for possible discounts in the future.

If you have young children in the home, consider a locked display cabinet. Even items far from reach could be hazardous if there aren't locks on the cabinet. Keep your collectibles safely behind glass, lock and key so everyone can enjoy their beauty.


Building Your Knife and Sword Collection

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