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Your Gear Should be the Best You can Afford


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As a retired military man and an avid outdoors man I spend as much time as I can outside looking at the beauty of nature. I hunt, fish, camp, hike, boat, and do just about all I did in my youth, and I have well over 40 years or outdoors experience. So, with that said, I must also say my gear is the best I can afford and usually most of it can serve more than one function. For instance, my poncho can protect me from the rain, as it was designed, being worn, or in a pinch it can serve as my shelter. My candles can be used for light or to start a fire on cold and wet mornings. As you can see, by carrying items that can serve more than one function, I cut down on backpack weight and that, my friends, makes it easier on this old man in woods. Rest assured, all the gear I carry with me is the best gear I can afford. Additionally, I always have a survival plan in my mind when away from home, in the event things turn nasty and I have to survive for a period of time. It's just good common sense to prepare for the worst.


Some of the gear I must depend on in the field are good rugged and tough boots, a quality jacket that will keep me warm, a backpack that will allow me to organize all of my gear and keep it within reach, and finally a knife that I know will help me skin large game or keep me alive in a survival situation. I buy the best I can afford, because poor quality gear could cost me my life. While military surplus is okay, in my opinion, for around camp, when in the field I prefer Tactical Gear. All tactical gear is made tough, it's dependable, and best of all it's affordable. I recently found a site online that has superior tactical gear and excellent prices. Check out and if you order from them, let me know what you think. I'm seriously considering ordering the Tactical ARK Liner Lock Tanto for $69.99 and if I do, I'll write an article about the knife and I what I consider are the good and bad aspects of buying one. However, it looks to be a great knife for the price.


Take care and stay safe in the woods.


Gear should be the best you can afford



Best Gear You can Afford


Gary Benton has over 45 years of outdoor experience in camping, hiking, fishing, and other activities. He's no armchair survival man, he's walked the walk from the arctic to the desert and all the area in between. Gary has an associates degree in Search and Rescue, Survival Operations, a B.S. in Industrial Occupational safety, and all but his thesis completed for a M.S. in Counseling Psychology.
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