The Advancements in Archery


The Advancements in Archery

It is well known that archery has been used as a hunting method since the dawn of humanity. Bow and arrow technology has vastly advanced more in the last century than perhaps at any time in the history of archery. From trail cameras to hunting stabilizers, archery has seen a wider range of technological advancement than ever thought possible. Primitive archery has even seen a brief popularity in the past decade from the fictional trilogy, The Hunger Games, about a heroine named Katniss Everdeen who uses archery to survive.


One of the most hotly-debated upgrades in archery was the aluminum arrow. Some believed that aluminum had no real place in archery at all and wanted it banned. However, it has been one of the most widely used for past 50 years or so. Be sure to check out James River Archery for great arrows and other archery equipment you need. 

There was also a lot of concern raised about trail cameras when they first came about in the 1980’s. However, they were found to have little effect on the hunting success of archery. The compound bow also faced a lot of controversy. However, it turned out not to bring about a whole lot of change in how the bow maneuvers.

That being said, there was a lot of pessimism about the changes initially. However, most of these changes have shown to either have no effect on the hunting success rates or have helped make it more effective. Consumers, wildlife experts, and manufacturers have also become more effective in pointing out anything unethical. For example, any products attempting to use poison tend to be quickly phased out by legislation, outrage, or even plain disinterest.

Archery drones are the most recent example of something being immediately phased out. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission outlawed them on the following grounds:

-It doesn’t reinforce the necessary hunting skills as none are required with a drone. Hunting with a bow and arrow takes a lot of practice and skill. If drones were to do all the work for the hunter, the art and essential survival method of archery would be lost.

-The question of not requiring the hunter to be physically present to take out the game. In other words, the wildlife wouldn’t learn to associate the drones with humans. This could lead to them quickly losing their fear of humans which would allow the animals to get closer to civilizations where harm could come to them.

-There’s no chase involved. As a result, the wildlife would not likely try to run from the hunt. This could lead to wildlife becoming too easy to kill. It could also hinder their instincts to elude in the long run.

The main point of advancement in archery is to make the bow and arrow lighter, more accurate and speedier. It is still uncertain as to how far advanced the bow and arrow could get before it starts to become more of a hindrance than a usefulness. With the exceptions mentioned above, the sky is still, more or less, the limit.

Recently, the most advanced material that has won the most respect is carbon fiber. It has a very good strength-to-weight ratio and fibers of about five to 10 meters. It is combined with plastic resin to form the polymer.

Campsites and Archery Ranges

To this day, many campsites have their own archery ranges. The archery ranges vary by distances. Some require fees to use their archery grounds. Some are subject to weather conditions and special events. These camps are around to teach children, families, or groups not only a potential hunting skill, but also skilled hand-eye coordination.

Aside from acquiring a new skill, camps with archery ranges help build self-confidence and a high sense of accomplishment. Most camps have ranges from beginner to instructor level. The latter levels vary in range. Those who have more than one level can usually teach courses below them. For example, those who have a Level Two certification can usually teach certification at Level One and so forth.

Archery is a sport that demands practice and preparation to be successful. Archery equipment innovations are moving right along with the popularity of the sport. 


The Advancements in Archery

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