Emergency Cash



Three Ways to Get Emergency Cash

Emergencies arise for a large number of reasons, and consumers never know when they are going to get hit. The car may break down one day while a family is traveling for ice cream. The hot water heater may burst one morning in the middle of a warm shower session. A family member may become ill or have a financial emergency. Such situations usually require fast cash. The following are three ways that a resident can accumulate fast cash for an emergency within 24 hours:

A Payday Loan

A payday loan is a short-term advance that many consumers seek when they experience emergencies. Payday lenders will issue loans from approximately $100 to $2,500. The positive aspect of applying with a payday lender is that the lender will not base the decision on a credit score. Payday lenders look at a person's ability to repay an advance instead of looking at a credit score or an expired debt. They believe in giving families every opportunity to resolve their emergencies as quickly as possible. The downside to borrowing a payday advance is that the lender will expect repayment in 14 days in most cases.

A Flea Market Sale

A flea market sale is an excellent way to accumulate funds if the emergency strikes during the weekend. Any person can be a flea market vendor by simply bringing goods to a table and reserving a spot. Tables at a flea market cost approximately $20. Vendors can sell CDs, movies, furniture, electronics, toys, linens and more. A family can go through its home and find items to sell. It is quite possible for a family to earn between $100 and $300 during a day at the flea market. The best part about it is that the family members will not have to pay back the money.

A Pawn Broker

If the flea market idea does not sound appealing, family members can consider visiting a pawn broker Springfield MO store. A pawnbroker is an individual or a company that provides quick personal loans to people who have items of interest. The difference between a flea market sale and a pawnbroker transaction is that the consumer can buy back his or her item after that person resolves the emergency. That way, the consumer does not have to lose any crucial items just to borrow money. A pawnbroker may sell items that interest a consumer, as well.

A consumer can use any of the aforementioned tips to come up with emergency funding for the family.

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