4 Survival Tips


4 Tips for Survival


4 Tips for Surviving in the Wilderness

It only takes a few minutes of wandering to become hopelessly lost in the woods. People have died just miles from civilization because they didn't know how to adapt to the elements! If you don't want to become a tragic statistic, here are just four tips for surviving in the wilderness no matter how you got there in the first place.

1: Find Water

This should be your immediate priority while you still have the energy to move around. Dehydration can strike in less than a day, so it's important to find a water source before you're too weak to so do. Look for moss, mud, flies or any other signs of a river or creek in the vicinity.

2: Seek Shelter

This is another task that should be undertaken quickly and before you even think about food. It might hurt your stomach to rumble, but you can survive for weeks without sustenance; you only have 24-48 hours in a wet environment before you get sick, and that can be a death sentence when you're in the middle of nowhere. Try to find a cave, rock or shaded tree that will keep you as warm and dry as possible.

3: Take Inventory of Your Goods

Once you know that you won't die of thirst or exposure, figure out what other advantages you have. Even if it doesn't seem like much, the smallest of items can make a real difference in your survival. For example, an extra t-shirt can be torn up for bandages, or a five-dollar bill can start a fire during a freezing night.

4: Stay Positive

Without a good attitude, all of your previous survival techniques will be for naught. Depression in the wilderness is what keeps people from hunting, hiking or looking for signs of civilization; it's what allows wounds to fester and avoidable mistakes to be made. No matter how dire your situation might seem, it's important to remember that people have survived worse. The human will is a remarkable thing. You can get through this, and one day, you might even be able to turn it into a movie.

These are just a few tips for making it out of the wilderness alive. The absolute best thing you can do to ensure your safety is to pack appropriately before you even leave for your trip, so make sure that you stock your Zippo lighters and Grab A Gun lowers before you strike out on your next camping trip.

4 Tips for Survival

Gary Benton has over 45 years of outdoor experience in camping, hiking, fishing, and other activities. He's no armchair survival man, he's walked the walk from the arctic to the desert and all the area in between.
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