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Gary, writing under the name W.R. Benton, has authored "War Paint," which will soon be made into a movie! If you like mountain men books, War Paint is sure to be a hit with you. Read more about War Paint.

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This site was started, almost 10 years ago, to furnish survival information to hunters, campers, hiker, fishers, and others who love nature and spend time outdoors. We supply the information for free, unless you purchase a book, and you'll never be charged for this information. As a public service, we have spent years writing these articles, doing artwork, and keeping the site updated.

Our primary goal is to educate all who love the wonderful gift of nature, which God has given us.

Gary Benton, SMSgt, USAF, Retired


On this site you'll find information about our wilderness articles, books, our author, our artist, as well as links to some interesting sites. We are presenting this information as a way for you to increase your knowledge of survival. If you have an idea or an addition for our site, let us know.


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Personal Information Provided by Gary Benton

Gary has attended the following United States Air Force Survival Training:

Basic Survival Training
Water Survival Training
Jungle Survival Training
Arctic Survival Training


And has over 11 years of classroom instruction as a Life Support Instructor, where he trained thousands of men and women. Author Gary Benton has an associates degree in search and rescue, survival operations, a bachelor's degree in occupational safety and health and a master's degree in psychology near completion.


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(Gary's retirement photo above, he's on the right )

Author Gary Benton spent over 26 years on active military duty with the United States Air Force and spent the first 12 years of his career as a Life Support Survival Instructor, where he taught aircrew members how to use survival gear as well as how to stay alive in all parts of the world. Gary has over 45 years of hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, and meandering in the woods and is the author of two survival books, "Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide" and "Impending Disasters." Gary also freelances outdoor and wilderness articles to various outdoor magazines and websites.

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